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HeathPro Logistics innovates supply chain solutions to help our customer satisfy the world's needs and maximizes every opportunity to reaching daily shipment objectives and goals.

Based out of Atlanta,Georgia, HeathPro Logistics covers all of North America and pride ourselves on customer service by being proactive when communicating to team members and more importantly our customers. At HeathPro Logistics, we firmly believe that building strong relationships with our customers, team members, and carriers allows for effective performance and creates a bond where working on a daily basis is positive and fun.

With over 30 years of experience, HeathPro Logistics has created a great team to handle any situation at hand working with FTL, Vans, Refrigerated and Flatbeds. 

HeathPro provides an ever- growing carrier base and prefer to work with quality over quantity.

We are an organization that operates 24/7/365 to ensure we have our customers back. HeathPro Logistics performs to please and earns the trust of our customers every single day so come join the family and TOGETHER LETS BE ONE

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Having communication issues with your brokers and carriers? Dealing with late pickups and deliveries? Have freight claims taken a toll? 

HeathPro innovates EFFECTIVE solutions to solve your daily shipping problems!

About Us


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HeathPro Logistics is Third Party Logistics company (3PL) based out of Atlanta, Ga, where we are a rapid growing company with services including TL, Dry and Refrigerated vans, and Flatbed!


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HeathPro Logistics services all of North America and works very closely with our vetted drivers to make sure the quality is there for our customers. We also innovate solutions for late pickup and deliveries, claims, and many other issues our customers deal with on a day to day basis. 


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HeathPro Logistics brings forth great value to our Customer Shippers through LEADERSHIP,COMMUNICATION, PROACTIVE ATTITUDES, INTEGRITY, and most importantly OUR CUSTOMER SERVICE. We use our adaptability, resourcefulness, critical and analytical thinking skills to meet daily objectives and goals!